Are Ryan Reynolds And Jessica Biel An Item?

Are Ryan Reynolds And Jessica Biel An Item?


From Jessica Biel is reportedly dating her former Blade:Trinity co-star Ryan Reynolds. The pair starred in the 2004 film and have recently rekindled their friendship, according to media reports. Reynolds, 32, ended his engagement to fellow Canadian Alanis Morissette on February 2.

An eyewitness claims the couple "looked really close" while eating at Cuban restaurant Babalu in Santa Monica, California on February 19 saying, "They knew people were watching them, so they didn't hold hands or kiss, but when they left the restaurant, they hid behind the bush. Were they kissing? Maybe."

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Tango’s Take This is the only good thing to come from Blade: Trinity. What can you say except that the couple that slays together, stays together. Reynolds is a master of deadpan comedy and starred in a number of B-movies. Biel is really pretty. Reynolds’ ex (Alanis Morissette) is famous for writing a scathing song about a callous former lover (take that Dave Coulier) and Biel’s ex is famous for having dated her. But, if we can be so bold as to make predictions about the ripple effect, this coupling is sure to generate a new wave of angst-ridden rock from Morrissette, dethroning now happily-hitched fellow Canadian misanthrope Avril Lavigne.