Pre-Nups Still Uncommon

From Gannett News Service
By Kelli Lackett

She's been divorced twice, but Vickie Parks is confident that this time she's found the right man. The 49-year-old is engaged to Tom Rasmussen, 45. The Colorado couple is planning an August wedding. Parks has three grown children from her previous marriages; it's the first marriage for Rasmussen. Parks would like them to draft a will at some point, but she thinks they'll forgo a prenuptial agreement.

"We don't need that," Parks says. "The ring (symbolizes) the commitment that you make to each other for life."

The divorce rate is between 40 percent and 50 percent for first marriages, and even higher for second and third marriages, yet only about 5 percent of married couples have a prenuptial agreement.

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Tango’s Take
That makes sense. You don’t plan on getting divorced, so why create a contingency plan? On a similar note, it’s unlikely that your pancreas will fall out, but you have medical insurance. And very few houses get hit by hurricanes, but Floridians still insure their homes against it. Statistically speaking, you are more likely to get divorced than have spontaneous pancreatic dropsies or have your home, even in Florida, hit by a hurricane. We suggest Paul McCartney study up.