Tell-All Book Sexes Up Finland’s Race For Prime Minister

From Associated Press
By Matti Huuhtanen

HELSINKI, Finland --There are countries where intimate details about a prime minister's love life, from Internet dating to steamy sauna encounters, could have a negative impact in opinion polls. Then there's Finland.

A book by Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen's former girlfriend, with revelations that would make most men blush, seems only to have boosted the 51-year-old Center Party leader's popularity ahead of Sunday's parliamentary elections.

"The Prime Minister's Bride" by Susan Kuronen, a twice-divorced mother of three, was released last month as campaigning began and immediately hit the country's nonfiction best seller list.

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Tango’s Take
We mentioned this story a few weeks ago in the Dish. It’s amazing that this book came out so close to elections. To refresh, Vanhanen possibly had an affair with a staff member who was the former Ms. Finland, met a divorced mother of three via the Internet, dated said mother of three and broke up with her via SMS. Now the mother of three’s tell-all book is out and Vanhanen is more popular than ever. One wonders if there is some really adventurous amorous action in this thing or the Finns really don’t care. What is for sure is that he’ll never get elected president of America. But it also seems Karl Rove would be on the dole in Scandinavia, where sex sells in the electorate.

Check out the Dish from March 1, 2007 on this topic.