Britney Spears Meets A New Fella, In Rehab

From The Post Chronicle

Bald Britney Spears has reportedly fallen for a rock guitarist while attending a rehabilitation facility, according to press reports in the US.

The 25-year-old Pop-Tart has reportedly started seeing a musician she met while attending Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings and reportedly plans to shack-up with him once she's finished her stint at 'Promises' in Malibu.

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Tango’s Take
It’s hard to know where to start, so let’s recap: failed relationship with JT (not that crazy,) kissed Madonna (fun, not crazy.) married a high school friend on a Las Vegas bender (it happens,) married Kevin Federline wearing velour (trashy, not crazy,) had Irish twins (apparently K-Fed is sexy and has a high sperm count), drove with her kid on her lap (more negligent than crazy), text messaged a divorce notification to K-Fed (lame, not crazy), checked into rehab (sensible), checked out (here we go), shaved head/got new tats (a little crazy), attacked a photog’s car with an umbrella (nutty), in and out of rehab a few times (yo-yo therapy is not good), and now is down with Jason Filyaw (who?). This whole downward spiral can probably be traced back to the Timberland break-up, so let’s hope those twelve steps work wonders. Otherwise, we recommend Brit mate-shop at her local Scientology chapter and go on doubledates with TomKat.