Study States 40% Of Japanese Not Having Sex

Study States 40% Of Japanese Not Having Sex

From Associated Press By Hiroko Tabuchi

TOKYO Mar 14, 2007 — The secret behind Japan's plunging birth rate? A record 39.7 percent of Japanese citizens ages 16-49 have not had sex for over a month up 5 percentage points from two years ago according to a survey published this week by the Japan Family Planning Association.

Among married couples, the rate was only slightly lower, at 34.6 percent.

"This is very bad news for the country's birth rate, and something the government needs to look into urgently," said Dr. Kunio Kitamura, the family planning association's director.

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Tango’s Take Do you love to work or work to love? Better think about it: In economics, it’s said that when Japan sneezes, America gets a cold. Hopefully, when Japan goes frigid, America won’t. Though this is probably considered trend forecasting material for the sex toy industry. There is also an urban legend that after New York’s blackout, there was a slew of what-else-do-you-do-when-there’s-no-electricity babies born nine months later. By that logic, maybe it’s time for Nintendo, Sony, karaoke bars and pachinko parlors to call it quits, do it for the kids.