Couples Make Beeline For 777 Wedding Date

From AFP

WASHINGTON - Thousands of starry-eyed couples across the United States will be tying the knot on July 7 this year, hoping the almost numerically perfect 7/7/07 combination will prove a perfect match.

Wedding planners, hotel operators and travel agencies are reporting record numbers of reservations and are struggling to meet the demand for that day, which also falls on a Saturday.

“We have over 31,000 weddings planned for that day when typically on a Saturday in July, the most popular month for weddings, we have about 12,000 weddings taking place,” Kathleen Murray, deputy editor of the, a wedding planning site, told AFP.

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Tango’s Take
Given the state of matrimony in American, maybe lady luck’s blessing is not such a bad idea. Maybe depending on a little fortune to have a successful life with someone is not taking enough personal responsibility. Either way, nearly every culture has superstitions meant to ensure connubial bliss (old, new, borrowed, blue, et cetera). But here at Tango we try to believe in lofty utopian goals like concentrating on the compatibility of the people involved at least every other Thursday. On alternate ones, we lather up in pig’s blood, and pray to Thor that we’ll live  happily ever after and have a raging sex life, too.