Online Dating Coaches Help Us Maximize Our Upside

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Online Dating Coaches Help Us Maximize Our Upside

From the New York Times By JENNIFER ALSEVER

NOT getting any online dates? Maybe it’s time for an online makeover.

Businesses like Dating-Profile.com, ProfileHelper.com and E-Cyrano.com say they will help turn a stale personal profile for dating Web sites into eloquent and catchy advertisements, writing the words for you. They will even help clients sift through prospective dates and start an initial e-mail conversation. Depending on the company and the services used, prices may range from $39 to $2,000.

Other companies, like LookBetterOnline.com and SingleShots.com, sell professional photo shoots and retouching of existing pictures for people to post online.

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Tango’s Take As long as we can outsource or assign unpleasant jobs, we will all be fine. Online dating is one thing because where do we meet new people: church, friends, school, work and bars. Church is out because some of the things you like to do could get you excommunicated. Dating friends can end in awkwardness and all of your friends knowing about that thing you like. School does not always offer enough opportunity to chat. Work relationships can make the office place very uncomfortable and sometimes hazardous. And then there’s bars, do you really want to tell your kids that you met each other in a bar and they were conceived based on a mutual like of darts, Pabst Blue Ribbon and nachos? So, internet dating it is. Now, evidently, you have to have to differentiate yourself from the myriad of chumps, perverts and Trekies trolling for dates. The façade can’t last forever, eventually you gotta be you.