Separate Bedrooms Coming Back Into Style

Separate Bedrooms Coming Back Into Style

From BBC News

More and more couples in the US are ordering separate master bedrooms in their new homes to help ensure a more harmonious marriage, research suggests.

A survey by the National Association of Home Builders has predicted that by 2015, 60% of custom-built homes will have two master bedroom suites.

The quest for better rest is behind the trend as experts say the lack of decent sleep can cause marital tension.

Tango’s Take

This article has been reposted in a handful of places but it’s funny for the BBC to report on this. A bit of schadenfreude anyone? As in, “Oh, those poor, dreadful, oversexed yanks need a bit of quiet time for sleep. Maybe they should’ve thought about that before dumping gobs of our tea into Boston harbor, savages.”

The marketing on this is pretty fantastic. Calling it a ‘flex suite’ genius. Otherwise, one might have mistaken the extra bedrooms as conspicuous consumption, but sleep has been a big issue lately. It looks like we’re not falling back just an hour today, but a whole generation or so in thinking the marital bed is solely for procreating. Now do you flip a coin for who has to sleep on the wet spot?