Honeymoon For Baby Making

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Honeymoon For Baby Making

From Gannett News Service
By Gene Sloan

Those naughty, naughty hoteliers. First they bring us "babymoon" packages - hedonistic, honeymoon-like getaways for soon-to-be parents who want one last fling before the baby arrives. Now they're selling us even spicier packages designed to help make those babies in the first place.

The latest invention of savvy marketers is the "procreation vacation," trips tailor-made to help couples conceive that perfect child. The Westin St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands launched the concept in August, and it's been spreading.

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Tango’s Take
More marketing genius. This is some great associative thinking: relaxation may be the key to getting pregnant, St. John is relaxing, therefore, St. John is the key to getting pregnant. In past times, people got married exclusively with the intention of starting families and the honeymoon would also double (sometimes intentionally) as a procreation vacation. These days, making babies, sex, love and marriage are less connected, it takes a special prom night to bring them all together.