Mistress Fined Over Lover's Failed Marriage

Mistress Fined Over Lover's Failed Marriage

From the Malaysia Sun

A Malaysian court sentenced a woman of Indian origin to pay 10,000 ringgit ($2,850) in damages for her part in breaking up the marriage of her lover, a news report said Friday.

Kerpal Kaur was made to pay the sum to Kamlesh Mangal, the ex-wife of her lover, after an appeals court found her guilty of having an affair with dentist Shudesh Kumar, leading to the breakdown of his marriage.

Shudesh, 61, was also ordered to pay damages amounting to 115,000 ringgit ($32,857) plus a 1,000 ringgit ($286) monthly maintenance to his ex-wife, the Star daily said.

Tango’s Take It would be fantastic if the American justice system allowed for this kind of creative punishment. Sure, it’s the man’s fault for straying, but as we say at Tango, it requires more than one and less than three to boogey. Centuries ago, adulterers and adulteresses were put in stocks, shunned and forced to wear identifying symbols (Hester Prynne, anyone?). Nowadays, ‘the other woman (or man)’ gets off with a bit of social stigma that only lasts as long as cut flowers.