Man Forgets To Finalize Divorce For 23 Years

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Man Forgets To Finalize Divorce For 23 Years

From the North County Times By: CHRIS BAGLEY - Staff Writer

RIVERSIDE -- They vowed commitment "until death do us part," but 23 years after he filed for divorce, he hopes it won't actually come to that.

John van Tienen learned in August that his 1984 divorce filing is still pending, due to incomplete paperwork. He was at home in Tampa, Fla., on Tuesday when a Riverside County Superior Court clerk called to tell him the matter will have to go before a judge, because of a statutory limitation.

John and Lois van Tienen lived in Whittier before marrying, in August 1975, in Las Vegas. They lived together as husband and wife for about two years and had two children together, John van Tienen said.

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Tango’s Take Evidently bigamy laws don’t apply to people who forget to get a divorce. Steve Martin once postulated that forgetting could be the excuse for any crime. Good luck telling your boyfriend that you forgot his seersucker suit outside in the garbage or telling your wife that you forgot she doesn’t like when you come home at 4 AM smelling like Jack Daniels, cigars and strippers.