Developers Aim To Lure Women To Adult Games

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Developers Aim To Lure Women To Adult Games

From News.com Daniel Terdiman

SAN FRANCISCO--They might not think of it this way, but the designers of adult-oriented video games are a little bit like nightclub owners: they are always trying to figure out how to attract women as the ultimate lure for larger groups of male customers. That dynamic was one of the major topics of discussion here Wednesday at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) during a roundtable on the business of sex in video games. "Right now, the (adult video game) market targets mainly straight white guys," said Brenda Brathwaite, chair of the International Game Developers Association sex special interest group. "And straight white guys aren't the only ones having sex." Read More…

Tango’s Take It’s fair to say that not just the ‘adult video game’ market is aimed toward ‘straight white guys’, but the video game market in general. This article highlights the stereotypical difference between men and women (Mars, Venus, et al). Surely a portion of these men go online so they don’t have to deal with the getting to know, getting to like you, getting to hope you like me part of seducing real women. The risk outside of the gaming world is unbearable waiting and potential humiliation, the risk on the inside is that there is a 50/50 chance that you might actually be getting a dude. It looks like as these games become more and more realistic they will begin to more mirror real life in all aspects. Though the anonymity and lack of real physical risk may mitigate that somewhat. Still, it’s tough luck for fan boys.