Study Reveals That Bad Relationships Lead To Bad Health

For The Collegian
By Christi Brua

Women who feel insecure in close relationships may have lowered immune function, according to a recent preliminary study.

In a study of 61 randomly selected, healthy female nurses from Ancona, Italy, researchers found that those who avoided creating close, secure relationships showed signs of a weaker immune system than those who felt more secure in their relationships.

The study, published in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine, focused on how attachment style may lead to weaker immune systems.

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Tango’s Take
Nice catch again by our good friend Science. This seems like it would have been the very first report by a periodical called Psychosomatic Medicine. The nature of somatoform is that mood and emotional state affect health. How could anything have a greater impact on your emotional state than romantic relationships? With the exception of war, or perhaps serious drug use, nothing else can produce the same high highs and low lows of love. So, bear in mind, the next time you feel like breaking someone’s heart, you may actually be doing coronary damage.