Space Cadet Sent Steamy Emails To Astronaut Boyfriend

From National Post
By Mary Vallis

When NASA astronaut Lisa Nowak drove 1,500 kilometres to confront another woman vying for a male astronaut's affection, she had with her lusty e-mails her rival sent to him in space.

They were among more than 200 pages of documents related to Ms. Nowak's case released by a Florida state attorney on Monday. The documents shed light on the tense love triangle that developed between Ms. Nowak, 43, Bill Oefelein, 41, and Colleen Shipman, 30, and what may have compelled the female astronaut to confront the younger woman.

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Tango’s Take
‘Ground control to Major Bill, Ground control to Major Bill. I want to rip my clothing off and put a condom on. Ground control to Major Bill, you really turn me on. Check out the pics I sent ya, and let’s get freaky til dawn.’ There’s really not much more to say about this. Except that we can’t wait to see what they name the screenplay: Lust In Space?

Note: NASA has fired Lisa Nowak (03.07.07)