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London Bookie Stops Taking Wagers On Royal Engagement

London Bookie Stops Taking Wagers On Royal Engagement


LONDON (Reuters) - Heavy betting over the last 24 hours that Prince William will pop the question to his girlfriend Kate Middleton has prompted bookmakers William Hill to stop taking bets on a royal engagement.

"The royal engagement seems to be a question of when, not if, and we were giving away money by continuing to accept bets," said a spokesman on Wednesday.

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Tango’s Take Blimey! The second in line for the throne of England is about to be married. If only someone would stop placing bets long enough to bequeath them a rock to live under! If the hoopla over Charles and Diana’s courtship is any indicator, then the William and Kate are in for a touch of media scrutiny. Maybe TomKat should make like Oprah and start a finishing school for ‘razzi-challenged twosomes.


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