Rachel McAdams Thinks Ryan Gosling Is Awesome



From People Magazine
By Stephen M. Silverman

Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling played lovers in 2004's The Notebook, but didn't begin their off-screen romance until "quite a while after the movie," she says.

And even though McAdams wasn't with Gosling, 26, on Oscar night – she was working, so the Best Actor nominee for Half Nelson brought his sister and mother – she tells Elle magazine in its April issue, "He did such an amazing job" in the movie.

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YourTango’s Take
In the Lazy Sunday digital short sketch from "Saturday Night Live," Andy Samberg says that he ‘loves cupcakes like McAdams loves Gosling’. If his simile is apt at all, he must really love cupcakes. This has to be one of the most endearing articles we have seen in a while. Fluff piece you say? Sure, if having something nice to say and feeling good after you read something is fluff, then fine, this is fluff. But how many of you that saw The Notebook did not want them to wind up together? It’s also nice to see that they managed to hold off on their romance until after the movie wrapped. On-set romances are played out, clichéd and unavoidable. Maybe his discerning taste in roles will keep rub off on her and avoid a sequel to The Family Stone.