Elizabeth Hurley Arrives In India For Next Leg Of Wedding Marathon

Elizabeth Hurley Arrives In India For Next Leg Of Wedding Marathon

From Telegraph.co.uk By Peter Foster in New Delhi and Richard Savill
After two days of “quiet” celebrations in rural Gloucestershire, Liz Hurley’s wedding train moved on 6,000 miles to India today.

The actress and her new husband, Arun Nayar, landed in India this morning to begin the “second leg” of their lavish wedding celebrations.

Ms Hurley was wearing a patterned white summer dress with matching handbag and dark sunglasses as she walked through the arrival lounge at Mumbai Airport with Mr Nayar.

The couple are later expected to attend a “haldi” ceremony, where a paste of turmeric, milk and cream is applied to the bride and groom, before meeting Mr Nayar’s relatives for a formal dinner in the city.

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Tango’s Take We wonder: Are cross-cultural romances creating a whole new type of destination wedding? Even for the rich and famous, bringing the entire family across continents and oceans for a weekend is a logistical nightmare. Having two weddings (or more) may be the best way to accommodate all the necessary friends and family. So Hurley and Nayar had an actual wedding with a handful of guests in a castle (natch), then a blessing ceremony in a church, and are currently in Mumbai (the city formerly known as Bombay) for the first of two celebrations in India. Rumor has it Elton John gave Hurley away at the blessing , while Hugh Grant was a no-show. Leading us to also wonder: If someone had told you ten years ago that Hugh Grant was involved in a sordid affair with a hooker and Elton John would figure prominently in Elizabeth Hurley’s wedding, wouldn’t you have assumed they got the two dudes confused?