Female Genitals Latest Area For Surgeons To Nip/ Tuck

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Female Genitals Latest Area For Surgeons To Nip/ Tuck

From Newhouse News Service BY DIANA KEOUGH

"Feel feminine again," promises a full-page ad for urogynecologist Dr. John Miklos.

The ad depicts a naked woman, arms crossed over her breasts, her genitals tastefully covered by a white Cala lily. Her curves frame the pitch.

"We all want to look and feel vibrant, youthful and beautiful. However, our faces are just the beginning — even the most private parts of our body can affect our self-confidence and body image." Uh-oh. Now what's wrong with us?

First, our breasts weren't big enough and our bottoms were too flat.

Then our teeth were too crooked, our hair too gray, our tummies too flabby, and the wrinkles on our skin made us look old.

Botox, liposuction and plastic surgery promised women perfection and the chance to turn back the clock.

Guess what's next?

Tango’s Take Ah yes, hoohah-plasty is gaining steam. If looking good is the key to feeling good, then maybe shaping, tightening and general maintenance is worth looking into. Or will it just feed our neuroses--and the plotline for the next season of The Swan? After all, it was only a few years ago that Brazilian waxing came on (no pun intended) the scene, but if the male enhancement industry is any sort of precursor, expect your email boxes to be slammed with all-natural supplements offering to help ‘turn back the clock’, in a second wave of below-the-belt spam.