Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson Hang Out, As Friends, In Australia

Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson Hang Out, As Friends, In Australia

 Source: Daily Blabber and Hello Magazine

Their characters in the movie You, Me And Dupree didn't exactly enjoy an easy relationship, but Tinseltown favourites Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson seemed to be getting on just fine when they were photographed out and about in Australia this week.

And although representatives for the pair say they are just good friends, new photographs of them spending time together in the appropriately named Surfer's Paradise area of Queensland are bound to fuel speculation of a romance.

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Tango’s Take This picture is fantastic. Do you think Owen Wilson thinks Kate missed Wedding Crashers? Because this is the exact same move that he pulls on Rachel McAdams’ character. A game of slappy-slap turns into a passionate kiss. Then Kate Hudson is going to consider quitting the movie she’s filming, and Matthew McConaughey is going to flip out and beat up Owen Wilson with his pet bongo drums. With any luck, this will end well. Imagine how much fun Wilson would have hanging out with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. And Hudson could really dig hanging out with Wes Anderson and Luke Wilson. We envision a quirky ensemble film out of this.