Researchers Find Evidence of Man-o-pause in Aging Males

Researchers Find Evidence of Man-o-pause in Aging Males

From Mood swings, bone loss, no sex drive -- and we're not talking about women.

It turns out menopause has gone coed. Men are getting it, too, NBC 10 News Medical Reporter Cherie Bank reported.

"I think so because they get all cranky and mad and evil," said one woman.

"That's a scary thing to think about -- everybody going through menopause instead of just half the population going through menopause," said a man.

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Tango’s Take Men live shorter lives, experience their sexual peak between 18-20, lose hair on our heads, grow hair in our ears, and now we have to deal with this, too? And that’s after Helen Mirren has succeeded in sexifying the cougar demographic. Dammit, just last week only older men could work in Hollywood, let alone win at “am I hot or not?” They still get paid more than female counterparts, so they got that going for them, which is nice. If scientists discover evidence of a ‘man-strual’ cycle we’re giving up on science and going back to witchcraft.