New York Women To Learn How To Find The One By Dating Three At Once

From The New York Post
By Marina Vataj

March 2, 2007 -- TWO'S company, and three's a crowd. But where women and dating in New York are concerned, the more the merrier, at least according to one dating coach. Diana Kirschner, a New York psychologist and author of "Opening Love's Door: The Seven Lessons," believes no one is going to find Mr. Right by romancing one man at a time.

"There's an abundance of men in New York to select and choose from, and I encourage women to date three different men at the same time, so that they can really compare and contrast before even thinking about settling down," says the love guru. "It's about declaring yourself as a bachelorette and not getting glued to any single person."
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Tango’s Take
Now how would this work exactly? Well, the article mentions that the program’s founder endorses a strict no-sex policy. Which is probably for the best, because juggling three sex partners is either incredibly enlightened and Buddha-like, in an attachment-is-death kinda way, or just mad slutty. We can’t decide. But their dates have to accept the fact that they are being juggled and not get any? Well, we’ve heard there are men out there who date more than one woman, so maybe turnabout is fair play. Will Candace Bushnell please stand up? We’d like to thank her for making all this possible.