Harvard Freshmen Get Frank, Racy Sex Talk


From The Harvard Crimson
Harvard students looking to score a few pointers from a local sex expert were left in a state of anticipation last night, receiving more level-headed advice than titillating tips.

In an event headlined as a “scintillating and sexy talk,” Amber A. Madison—the author of “Hooking Up: A Girl’s All-Out Guide to Sex and Sexuality”—spent an hour discussing college students’ most intimate sexual concerns.

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YourTango’s Take

Leave it to those Ivy Leaguers to make a sex talk ho-hum, nerds. Though the focus was on making good decisions and protecting oneself. We all know that first year away from home can be a heady time, rife with bad decisions (if you even remember making them), so we support this look-before-you-leap initiative. But not everyone did: The article goes on to mention a protest, of sorts, by a Christian-based campus group. Thank Heavens someone is finally opposing these Godless academics! There’s a saying in boxing that everyone has a plan until they get hit; the same can be said about programs like this: everyone has a plan until they have a drink. Or ten.