Romance Bloom-ing For Orlando and Penelope?

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Romance Bloom-ing For Orlando and Penelope?

From All Headline News By Maira Oliveira

Los Angeles, CA (BANG) - They may be keeping their alleged relationship hush-hush, but it's like they say, actions speak louder than words - or lack thereof.

Orlando Bloom and Penelope Cruz spent the whole night kissing at Prince's Oscars party.

Orlando took Penelope's mind off her Best Actress disappointment by passionately embracing her at the party held at Prince's Hollywood home on Sunday night.

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Tango’s Take It’s often been said that Hollywood is high school with money, but sometimes it’s junior high with money. The Orlando Bloom-Penelope Cruz rumors have been swirling since late September. Everyone is entitled to some level of privacy, but enough is enough. Also, it seems unfathomable that boy-toyish Bloom is actually 30 years old; he must stay out of the sun. For what it’s worth, Bloom and Cruz would make a wonderful couple. Those tresses! Those cheekbones! With their delicate bone structure, they could both pass for elves, so if they were into dress up, that might work. Pass the garden gnomes.