Jennifer Aniston Is Rebounding Nicely, Thanks

Jennifer Aniston Is Rebounding Nicely, Thanks


From the San Francisco Chronicle

Jennifer Aniston is reportedly dating a cameraman she met on the set of her "Friends" co-star Courteney Cox's TV show "Dirt."

Aniston, who split from boyfriend Vince Vaughn in December, met the mystery man, known only as Mike, when she was filming a guest appearance on the program.

Tango’s Take Jennifer Aniston is off the market, just like that. She has been moving down the scale of fame in terms of her choices in boyfriends, Brad Pitt to Vince Vaughn to mystery man Mike. If this thing with the cameraman does not work, she can move to gaffer, key grip and caterer. Kenneth the pageboy from 30 Rock is still probably available. Unfortunately for Aniston, after dating the best-looking guy (Pitt) and coolest dude (Vaugh) in Hollywood, it’s going to be a little tough to trade up. We’re glad that Aniston is back in the saddle and is overcoming topless photos, allegations of rhinoplasty and Perez Hilton. Rock on, Rachel Green.

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