Elderly North Dakotans Break Law by Living In Sin

From Associated Press
By James MacPherson

BISMARCK, N.D. --Don Polries and Helen Vetter don't look like outlaws. She's 82 and nearly blind, and he's an 87-year-old World War II veteran whose only brush with the law was a traffic ticket or two, decades ago.

But the retired farmers -- and thousands like them -- are considered criminals in North Dakota because they're not married and live together.

Tango’s Take
Bismarck, ND or Bismarck, Otto Von? Take it easy on the Greatest Generation, please. The law in North Dakota declares that it is a sexual crime for unmarried couples to live ‘openly and notoriously’, maybe these older folks should think about living ‘secretly and unremarkably’. Granted that it is highly unlikely these couples are going to be forcibly separated, what a media fiasco that would be, but the potential for a fine of up to $1,000 and time in jail is somewhat real. The next question for North Dakota is how will they react when it’s the gays who want to live together and have no recourse to do so? Lawmakers claim that the law is to prevent fraud but we think that they feel if they should have to buy the cow that no one else should get free milk. When are these maverick old folks going to put aside their wanton disregard for the law?

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