Not Valentine’s Best Day


A former Suffolk police officer escaped Monday with no jail time and no probation for hacking into his ex-girlfriend's online dating account and setting up dates with several strange men because he is enlisting in the military.

Michael Valentine, 29, was charged in April with 197 counts, including stalking, computer tampering and aggravated harassment. He pleaded guilty in June to two misdemeanor charges of unauthorized use of a computer.

Tango’s Take
Hell hath no fury like a former Long Island cop scorned. This is an old ploy to get revenge by a jilted lover, sabotage all future efforts by your former lover. Treat this as a public service announcement: the best revenge is getting in shape and dating someone better. Screwing with your exes love life might feel instantly gratifying but could ultimately land you in jail or the army. The judge would have been better off by sentencing this guy to going on 70 dates that someone set up for him, Tango is for more ironic punishment out of the justice system.
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