Women Outnumber Men on Niche Dating Sites

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Women Outnumber Men on Niche Dating Sites

From The New York Times

During the week of Feb. 5, men and women visited online dating Web sites in nearly equal numbers, according to Hitwise, which measures online traffic. And to look at the 10 most popular sites not directed toward gay people, you might think that every dating site on the Internet was rigorously gender-balanced. All but one of the 10 largest sites came within 10 percentage points of being evenly split.

Tango’s Take Evidently, a number of these sites are taking a nightclub approach to this thing, admitting as many women as possible to make it more enticing for dudes. It seems fairly intuitive that dating sites will be a bit skewed towards female users; A) the population is made up of more women; and B) there is a bit more of stigma attached to being single and female, bachelor sounds far sexier than spinster. It is not surprising that there is greater parity on the broad dating sites than on the niche sites. It could be that internet-dating men are A) not picky, B) trying to cast a wide net, C) too lazy to find a niche site or D) all of the above. Read More…