Spouses Require "Dead Zone" To Unwind From Work


From the Wall Street Journal

Michael Hickey knows better than to try to start a conversation with his wife when she gets home from work.

After a hard day at the office, "I'm definitely too tired to talk at night," says Karen Ambrose Hickey of Palo Alto, Calif., a senior marketing director. "I put up a brick wall." Michael, an engineer, says he's resigned: Regardless of what's on his mind when Karen comes home, he says, "you just have to wait" until later. Finding time to talk is "an ongoing struggle."

Tango’s Take
This is an issue that most 60+ hour per week workers deal with at some point. Sometimes we don’t want to regale our spouses with our tales of drudgery; toiling away in the belly of the beast. Some days we had such a miserable day that talking about it will drive us into a deep, foul mood. Tango has always felt that communication is pretty important in relationships; so figure something out. The article mentions checking in via phone a few times a day or requesting a fixed decompression period upon arrival home from work. Those things work, but you could also try talking about things that do not involve work, like this great article you read in Tango. Or you could just have an office romance and have nothing left to talk about when you get home.

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