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The Rise of the House of Usher?


From the New York Post’s Page Six By Bill Hoffman
February 22, 2007 -- SORRY, ladies, but Usher is officially off the block. Sources say the R&B icon is engaged to his longtime girlfriend and stylist Tameka Foster. "It's 100 percent official," said an insider. The couple began dating more than a year ago, but tried to keep it quiet - going so far as denying their relationship…

Tango’s Takes YEAH! Usher (or Ursher as he is known in the hip hop community) has settled in for one girl. Take that and rewind it back, Usher has settled for one girl. When he and Chili (Rozanda Thomas) of TLC split, it was hard to imagine him settling for one lady. Congratulations on getting engaged AND for managing to be a huge star and keep such a big part of your life private. Maybe it’s easiest to keep a relationship on the down low if you have it with a member of your entourage, but who’s going to cut your hair if it goes south?

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