Natural Family Planning Method As Effective As Contraceptive Pill

From Daily Science

Family Planning" height="112" hspace="5" src="" width="170" />Researchers have found that a method of natural family planning that uses two indicators to identify the fertile phase in a woman's menstrual cycle is as effective as the contraceptive pill for avoiding unplanned pregnancies if used correctly, according to a report published online in Europe's leading reproductive medicine journal Human Reproduction today (21 February).

Tango’s Take There had better not be a study in a few months entitle “Psych: Enjoy the New Family, Fornicators.” Science has a way of coming back around on itself. First the use of leeches was the apex of medical knowledge and then it was barbarism and now it is reasonable medicine. Carefully tracking a woman’s menstrual cycle is key to getting pregnant for some semi-fertile couples, it only makes sense that the opposite is true. Forgetting about old Aunt Flow is lunacy. Check out an archived article from Tango on conception. Read More...

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