I do’s & don’ts: More couples look to pre-marriage prep to give unions a better chance

From Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
By L.A. Johnson

Couples increasingly are seeking premarital relationship advice.

They're taking courses through a church or meeting with a counselor or therapist. They're learning how to avoid potential relationship pitfalls and determining whether they're on the same page about major issues, such as money and children.
Tango’s Take

This is a good trend as far as Tango is concerned. A pound of prevention is worth an ounce of cure. While that saying may not be entirely applicable in this case, something has to be done to combat the high divorce rate. A number of religious types have to seek counseling with a minister, priest or rabbi before they can get married, maybe secular folks should follow the same procedure. Note: There’s really no data to support that religious people have any more marital success than their heathen counterparts, not that we've seen.

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