Introducing Tangoscopes and Ask Albert!

Introducing Tangoscopes and Ask Albert!

Your Lucky Stars Introducing TangoScopes and Ask Albert!

Got complicated questions about matters of the heart? Step away from the tequila— you won’t find the answer at the bottom of a shot glass. But the solution may be written in the stars, and you can read all about it on Tangocopes.

Tango is pleased to introduce Albert Clayton Gaulden, an astrologer, psychic, author, spiritual life coach—our new columnist and astrointuitive.

Every month, he’ll deliver a new horoscope tailored to your astrological sign and relationship status, along with the answer to a reader question. As a bonus, Tango will pick five reader questions each month for Albert to answer privately, sent straight to your inbox.

Find out which days Aries sisters should take couples getaways, why Libran ladies will never see a dry spell, and how single Scorpios can keep their hot-as-July selves satisfied. You’ll be thanking your lucky stars for Albert’s cosmic connection (and his sass-filled answers).

Check out his introductory column and July forecast at Tangoscopes.

-Michelle Carlton