Let’s Get Physical

Let’s Get Physical

Sure, you and your partner know how to break a sweat in the bedroom. But experts say that engaging in (non-sexual!) physical activity together can enhance your relationship by creating a more solid emotional bond and new, intense desire for each other. Stacy Kaiser, a resident psychotherapist on VH1's Celebrity Fit Club, says you don't even have to choose a high-impact sport to reap the benefits. (Bring on the ping-pong!)

According to Kaiser, working out releases endorphins (the body's natural happy drugs), plus your newly toned frame and post-exercise energy high will boost your confidence. So this summer, skip the side-by-side treadmills (yawn) and find a new way to get your pulses racing. Here are three options to give you a headstart:

Boxing: Try a little sparring in the ring for a serious adrenaline rush. Plus, you'll learn to trust yourself and each other while toning at the same time.

Yoga: For a mind-body workout, attend yoga classes together, and eventually reach higher levels of patience, serenity, and discipline.

Bowling: This fun, low-impact activity will help revive your team spirit, and if you add in a few beers and some healthy competition, it won't even feel like exercise.

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-Rajul Punjabi


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