Marrying The Ones You Love

Marrying The Ones You Love

Joey did it for Monica and Chandler on Friends, and recently, Tori Spelling did it in real life for her friends. (Read Tango’s take here.) But you don’t have to be a character on TV—or a celebrity—to get legally ordained to perform a wedding ceremony. It’s a piece of cake and you won’t have to take a vow of chastity or don a special robe to get certified. In fact, all you need is an Internet connection.

One popular ordination site is run by the Universal Life Church (ULC), an inter-denominational, non-profit organization. Log on, apply, and receive your credentials by email or snail mail. “Each ordination request is reviewed by a human, not a computer,” says Kevin Andrews, a minister at ULC, which has ordained 22 million people since 1959. “And we ordain anyone free of cost.” (Keep in mind that some states do require you to register with a county office, but the ULC’s ordination is sufficient in most. Click here to view marriage laws by state.)

And if your wedding is coming up, why not enchance the intimacy of the ceremony by hand-picking the person who marries you off? We now pronounce you a little more wedding savvy.

–Rajul Punjabi