Baby Got Back Hair? Time to Manscape!

Baby Got Back Hair? Time to Manscape!

Okay, we’ll admit it: Women are complicated. But like most men, our needs are actually quite simple. Yes, we enjoy chocolate and flowers and all that girlie stuff, but sometimes a simple, “Hey, honey, I’ll take care of the dishes tonight,” can be the biggest turn-on.

That’s why the Cambridge Women’s Pornography Cooperative put together Porn for Women, a collection of rather PG photographs of men acting out the secret fantasies of women everywhere. It’s 96 pages of full-color action: Men are shown doing housework, cooking, asking for directions, and engaging in one pastime we’d like to see them do more of: manscaping.

Which we’d like to have a word with you about:

After all, maybe your guy is already adept with a nose-hair trimmer, what about the untamed zone south of his chin? Most men could benefit from a little grooming down there, and guys aplenty are suddenly waxing hair, there and everywhere. In fact, there’s a new revolution in male grooming going on this summer.

And Tango’s got the scoop:

From the razor to use, to how to get your guy to sign up. Turns out there’s spa that will get him good and drunk, whilst he gets waxed. Which means the only question is: How come nobody ever invented that for us!?

So, check out Manscaping: Southward Bound on, and your summer will go smoother than his freshly-waxed back.



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