Deal Or No Deal?

Deal Or No Deal?

Casting the role of your future man is no easy task, but if you catch these red flags at the first audition, you’ll find your co-star sooner than you think. In her new book, Deal Breakers: When to Work on a Relationship and When to Walk Away, Dr. Bethany Marshall lays down the laws of dealing with an unhealthy relationship. Her best tip? Learn the telltale signs and avoid these five types of trouble-makers from the start:

  • The Scriptwriter casts you in a role, and projects his hopes and fears onto you. He feels like he knows you better than you know yourself. Celebrity Scriptwriter: Musician Marc Anthony
  • The Man in Charge can’t trust you unless you’re under his control. He goes from wonderfully attentive to overbearing and smothering. Celebrity Man in Charge: Actor Tom Cruise
  • The Man without Fault is essentially a narcissist. He has a low self-esteem underneath and likes to surround himself with beauty and perfection. Celebrity Man without Fault: Actor Alec Baldwin
  • The Invisible Man is terrified of being controlled. He’ll try his best to avoid having intimate connections and feeling vulnerable. Celebrity Invisible Man: Bicyclist Lance Armstrong
  • The Little Boy Who Poses as a Man is grown up on the surface and immature underneath. He loves to be spoiled in a relationship but does not reciprocate. Celebrity Little Boy Who Poses as a Man: Actor Matthew McConaughey

According to Dr. Marshall, you’ve got to be open-minded to find an emotionally healthy man, since women so often gravitate to “bad boys.” But if your new guy displays a genuine interest in you, has a consistent personality, and is successful in his personal achievements, Dr. Marshall says he might just be a keeper.

- Rajul Punjabi