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Which Goddess Are You?

Which Goddess Are You?



Every woman plays multiple roles in her life, and when pianist, vocalist, mother, wife Tori Amos releases her new album, American Doll Posse, May 1, she's giving each a divinely-inspired name.

In fact, to make the album, which juxtaposes melodic piano and full-on guitar rock, Amos drew on a few ancient muses: "I went back to the Greek Pantheon," she says, "These feminine personality traits together make the complete woman."

Each archetype-Isabel, Clyde, Pip, Santa, and Tori-represents a different facet of the singer herself, covering her political, emotional, confrontational, sensual, and parental selves, respectively. Here at Tango, we can't get enough of Posse's first single, "Big Wheel"--an ecstatic road trip song (just in time for summer!) which pairs heated lyrics with a jaunty piano melody.

In the meantime, Tango teamed up with Epic Records to bring you the opportunity to win a parcel of prizes: a copy of American Doll Posse, Tori's entire Epic catalog, and a SONY Portable DVD player. Enter the contest and catch the “Big Wheel” video here!


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