Love Lessons You Can learn From Don Juan

Love Lessons You Can learn From Don Juan

 This week, Tango brings you the secrets to finding true, passionate love from a most unusual source: The greatest seducer of all time.  

In his new book, The Lost Diary of Don Juan, author Douglas Carlton Abrams peers deep into the heart of the noted lothario to reveal that his original skepticism about affairs of the heart finally gave way to a quest for nothing less than true love.

Says Abrams: “When the Lost Diary begins, Don Juan believes only in the reality of lust and dismisses what he calls the ‘madness of love.’ He, like many people, questioned whether romantic love is anything more than a fleeting feeling.

Ultimately, he discovers True Passionate Love—the fusion of passion and compassion, the desire we feel for our partner and the kindness we show to our partner and comes to see that, yes, ‘the heart is forever unfaithful and the feelings of love will come and go, but true love is not about what you feel, it is about what you do—and don’t do.’”

We couldn’t agree more. So we asked Abrams to share five lessons from his latest masterpiece with us at If that’s not enough, the New York Public Library got on board to present a different literary smorgasbord: Their picks for the 10 Greatest Love Stories of All Time.

Plus, this week at, you’ll find a tongue-in-cheek guide from us to you: The illustrated field guide to The Greatest Seducers In History. So whether you’re in need of relationship inspiration, a beach read or simpy a good laugh, get thee to

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