Can Hook-Ups Hurt You?

Can Hook-Ups Hurt You?

Is canoodling really fun and fancy-free? Or does it put the “risk” in frisky? The debate rages on.

First, how would you define a hook-up

For working purposes, let’s call it an intense physical interaction between two people, without either, as one male friend delicately puts it, “catching feelings.” But can women live by no-strings-attached rules, and, if so, is it good for us?

Dr. Melissa Holmes, author of the upcoming book Hook Ups, Hang Ups and Holding Out, claims getting physical before becoming committed causes women to put the cart before, well, their hearts.

Of course, for the most part, gone are the days of saying I Do before doing anything. Nor would we want them back. After all, discovering the potency of your sexuality with a perfect (-looking!) stranger can be empowering, especially if you know what you want out of the encounter. And perhaps that’s the key.

Hooking up can be the ultimate tool to learning more about yourself-and the type of person you want to wind up with long-term, but getting it right requires going in with eyes wide open. That, says Dr. Holmes, “takes a woman who's really in touch with herself." So, we say, before locking lips, decide whether you’re embracing your inner Charlotte-or Samantha. And, as we all know, that can change from episode to episode.

-Rajul Punjabi


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