Auld Lang, Etc.


Sometimes, there is nothing like old friends. I say sometimes because if all you do is hang around with the same people from high school or college or whatever, it starts to get pretty tired. I mean, I am definitely the sort of person to get all infatuated with a new friend and hang out with him or her all the time for a few weeks or until we both get annoyed with each other. And new people lead you to their old friends, which equal even more new people, ad infinitum. Networking and all that.

But it’s amazing how you can just pick up with your old friends wherever you left off and be completely at home. However much I may sometimes feel that I’m growing away from certain of my old pals, that we’re focused on different priorities as we age, or how much meeting their new friends makes me realize that our day-to-day lives are completely different, when you are with a bunch of people that share years of your memories, that stuff seems less important.

Today, a friend of mine from college hosted a brunch, and we all drank bloody marys and played wii tennis and ate bagels and talked about what we’ve been doing and where we see ourselves going. As the day progressed and the drinks flowed, the future talk got more and more pronounced.

It’s so much harder to be dishonest with someone you know really well, even if you haven’t talked to them in a long time. So to hear what comes out of my mouth when telling a good friend what I’ve been thinking about the future is interesting—sometimes even I don’t realize I’ve been thinking about something until I’ve said it.

This time of year, that sort of thing feels especially important. There’s something incredibly warm and comforting about knowing that there is a network of people around me that I can rely on, even if we can’t find the time to see each other on a more workaday basis. As fun as the big New Year’s Eve blowout stuff is, the kind of daytime, casual reconnecting with old buddies is so much cooler and weirder and better for my mental state.

Is that too mushy? Sorry, if so. For some reason, for a lot of people I know 2007 has been a year of personal tragedy and crappyness. I don’t know what’s up with that, but it’s left me feeling particularly sentimental. Or maybe it was the bloody marys? Tough to say. Take the schmaltz while you can get it, I guess. Happy 2008, you guys. I hope it will be a good year for all of us.