You’ve Got The Ring. Now What?

You’ve Got the Ring. Now What?

An American Wedding Study reports that 15% of all proposals occur in December—double any other month. Perhaps your BF recently popped the question over the holidays—or maybe even tonight!

Step one: Accept the proposal (hopefully). Step two: Start planning. Three new guidebooks to help light your way down the aisle no matter what your tastes.

Conservative: Simple Stunning Wedding Etiquette: Traditions, Answers, and Advice from One of Today's Top Wedding Planners (Stewart, Tabori & Chang, January 2008) by Karen Bussen offers classy “do and don’t” advice from a seasoned wedding planner.

Moderate: Something New: Wedding Etiquette for Rule Breakers, Traditionalists, and Everyone in Between (Simon Spotlight Entertainment, February 2008) by Elise Mac Adams features what traditions persist (few), which are extinct (many) and how to twist them to work for you.

Liberal: Never Throw Rice At A Pisces (St. Martin’s Griffin, January 2008) by Stacey Wolf guides you to make tough decisions about the big day based on your astrological sign.

Good luck (and stay sane)!

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