Why Haven’t You Called?


Getting an answer may be easier than a call back

Getting an answer may be easier than a call back.

Fine. You get it. He's not calling back. You've moved on. (Kind of.) You're still dying to get an answer the eternal question: Why wasn't he interested?

Problem solved: An impartial third-party web site can help you get to the bottom of the case. whyhaventyoucalled.com sends an email on your behalf, allowing your date to choose from several reasons he might not be interested—or the opportunity to get back in touch.

Some of my favorite reasons: “I think you are on drugs” and “I feel I am too attractive.” Seriously, there are more realistic reasons, such as “We don’t vibe on musical tastes” or the recipient can add his own. Much better than leaving numerous “I’m trying to be non-chalant here, but I don’t get why you don’t get back to me???” voicemails, isn’t it?