Sean Penn And Robin Wright Penn Getting Divorced

Sean Penn And Robin Wright Penn Getting Divorced


Dammit. What is it about this time of year? First Brendan Fraser gets divorced (see that Dish) and then Mischa Barton gets a DUI and then Rebecca De Mornay gets a DUI and then Paris Hilton’s grandpa is giving his money to charity instead of his crazy family and now Sean Penn and Robin Wright are splitting up. This is too much. Sure you can probably blame holiday time festivities on the DUIs. And the holiday spirit for Conrad Hilton’s generosity/ cutting off his grand kids. But how do you explain holiday divorces? We’re guessing that the Frasers and the Penns just want to get a fresh start in the ’08.

Sean and Robin were married for 11 years. And they have two teenage sons. They played star-crossed lovers (thanks, Shakespeare) in two movies from the late 90’s (Hurlyburly and She’s So Lovely). And, oddly, Sean Penn’s characters were always slightly unhinged to terribly unhinged, weird. We’re guessing that even she got sick of his sanctimonious ass. And hearing over and over again how people just don’t ‘get’ Into The Wild. And how the American people need a wake-up call. And how Mystic River is the quintessential American film and paved the way for The Departed. And how those 'idiots' from South Park are going to get what’s coming to them. We’ve been in a relationship in which one person demands that everything he/she does is art. And Robin Wright Penn would break up with us too. She needs more of a Wesley than a Dread Pirate Roberts (or Prince Humperdink).

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