Seniors Learning The Modern Dating Game

Seniors Learning The Modern Dating Game

From The Arizona Republic By Melissa Cassutt

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Single female seeks tall, older man for friendship, possible romance. Must play bridge and tennis. Poor dancers need not apply.

Lili Skinner has met Mr. Two Left Feet. Now, she needs Mr. Right. But if you think finding romance is hard at age 20, try doing it (again) at 81.

"I really have no trouble meeting people," she said. "To meet eligible people is hard."

Tango’s Take OK. The point is that it’s hard out there with a limp. Older folks have a hard time meeting each other romantically. There aren’t exactly bars for that sort of thing. And some geriatrics are a little nervous that everything is a scam to bilk them out of their pensions. So, some enterprising octogenarian decided to put together a little old-fashioned speed dating. Maybe ‘speed’ is a little too strong of a word. How about 10 miles-per-hour under the speed limit dating? So, they gathered up some retirees and had at it. Everyone had a wonderful time, though there were about twice as many women as men. The reason for that is two-fold: 1) women consistently outlive men and; 2) older men aren’t really interested in older women. They’re after something closer to its prime. Maybe even still ovulating.

This is a tough issue for seniors. We bet that the next generation will have a slightly easier time because of their familiarity with the internet and recognition of their need for company. We just hope and pray that this doesn’t give rise to geriatric web porn. That’s a sub-category that we can all avoid. No one wants to have to think about old balls.