The Best Of The Daily Dish

The Best Of The Daily Dish
Self, Heartbreak

Everyone loves year-end lists. For readers, it’s a good way to catch up on a whole year of stuff without much effort. And for editors, it’s nice because they don’t have to be very creative and can hit up a few after-Christmas sales instead of coming up with something new and lovely. Unfortunately, creating a ‘best of’ list is a little tough. Especially in a format like the Dish. They’re all our beautiful children of the corn. And each one is so relevant to a broad subject matter. So, instead of coming up with a list of the ten funniest Dishes or the ten most important, we came up with eight lists of five items that will let you in on all the Dish from 2007. And like a band that hasn’t put out a quality album in a while, we’d like to present to you not just very best of the Dish 2007.

Monday December 24th Best Parenting Best Breakups

Wednesday December 26th Best Engagements The Year Of The Quarterback

Thursday December 27th Best Of Divorce Best Of Gay Marriage

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Friday December 28th Worst Research Best Of The Downfall Of Marriage