Survey Shows That Canadian Couples Disagree About Domestic Dominance

Survey Shows That Canadian Couples Disagree About Domestic Dominance

Just when you thought it was safe to cut your mullet and go to a hockey game. A study of 1,000 Canadians show that 56% of men and 56% of women think they get the last word on decisions. Furthermore, 46% of women say that they are the bosses of the castle and 31% of dudes agree with that. The study goes on to say that women feel that they get their way 50% of the time, while the men interviewed feel that women get their way 85% of the time.

Strange how men and women (allegedly denizens of Mars and Venus, respectively) have such divergent views. Are Canadian men soft? Are Canadian women tough? Are Canadians just confused? Is this socialized healthcare of theirs turning everything on its head? We think that the two genders have different definitions of compromise, “winning,” and the final word. And that Canadian beer can’t help matters. And the new NHL rules can’t help. Games used to be able to end in a tie, now there are overtime shootouts. How can a macho Canadian dude accept a compromise when the Ottawa Senators can’t? We’re about out of steam on this one, so we’ll just leave you with two quotes about Hollywood’s feelings on this matter:

Sidney Deane (Wesley Snipes in White Men Can’t Jump): Billy, I have four words for you: "Listen to the Woman".
Penny Wharvey McGill (Holly Hunter in Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?): I've spoken my piece and counted to three