Terrell Owens Was Just Clowning With Jessica Simpson

Terrell Owens Was Just Clowning With Jessica Simpson


Terrell Owens (TO) is backing off comments that he made earlier in the week about Dallas fans hating Jessica Simpson for ruining Tony Romo’s poise in an ugly loss to the rival Eagles on Sunday. TO asked that she sit out the next few plays and watch from home. He then backed off those comments in a quote to the Dallas Morning News:

"I tried to get [Romo] to call her so I can explain to her that she doesn't really know me and that I can be funny. And that everything I say, the media will take it and run with it. It's not a big deal. I will try to rectify the situation between her and I."

TO is a master of sticking TO’s foot in TO’s mouth. We wonder how many times he’s had to say, “I will try to rectify the situation between…” We’re guessing it is pretty common. We’ll pencil Jessica Simpson in next to Andy Reid, Bill Parcells, Donovan McNabb, Jeff Garcia, and Keyshon Johnson as people that TO can probably not expect a Christmas card from.

TO also promised “a message for her when we make the playoffs.” We hope it involves Daisy Dukes, lip-synching, and a can of tuna. Please, someone get this guy the ball in the playoffs.

For the record, we think girlfriends/ boyfriends should watch their guys/ gals compete. But don’t be a spectacle. Or a jerk. Or a distraction.

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