Woman Gets Married In Toilet Paper Dress

Woman Gets Married In Toilet Paper Dress


There’s no easy way to start this one. Um, Charmin, the toilet tissue people, have sponsored a contest to create a wedding gown from their product. The winner of the 2007 Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest was a lady named Hannah Kim. And she created a dress made of bottom paper, glue, tape, and love for a very lucky couple. Jennifer Cannon and her now husband (Doy Nichols) traveled to New York the city to get hitched in a Times Square lavatory.


There are barely words to describe how we feel about this. A couple from Kentucky wanted a wedding and wanted to visit New York and they made it happen. So what it was a spectacle? Aren’t all weddings spectacles? Don’t all brides have to be careful not to spill on their gown? And for your information, it’s two-ply, so it's sturdy. This reminds us of Diddy’s quote about the famous green dress that Jennifer Lopez wore. He said something about not knowing how long it took for her to get it on, but it took him about 2 seconds to get it off (classy). We’re betting that Doy Nichols got his wife’s gown off in half that time. Take that, Diddy! We think we can speak for everyone involved (maybe not tourists armed with cameras) and say thank goodness it didn't rain. That would have been a Girls Gone Wild moment.

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