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'A Shot At Love' Contestant Getting Spin-Off

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'A Shot At Love' Contestant Getting Spin-Off

According to the Hollywood Reporter, MTV is spinning-off a show from A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila. A new ‘unscripted’ series called That’s Amore will debut next year with 6 one-hour episodes. The show will send 15 single gals to Milan to try to win over the mother of Shot at Love contestant Domenico Nesci.

In other Tequila-related news, the first season of her show had her pick Bobby Banhart, a 25-year old film student. The decision was agonizing according to the tiny sexpot, but she said something about going on the show with intention of finding love and she did. Good times. MTV is currently putting out casting flyers for next season’s cast. Well, love can be fickle. No word on what her real life boyfriend thinks of the decision.

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