Has Kate Middleton Moved In With Prince William?

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According to rumor, Kate Middleton has moved into Prince William's apartments at Clarence House.

Wow. According to rumors, Prince William’s girlf, Kate Middleton, has moved into his private apartments at his official residence in London. Clarence House has supposedly played host to Kate Middleton for the last two months. We’re not sure about the decorum here, most of our knowledge of royal customs comes from The Tudors, but aren’t they supposed to be married first? Is the Queen-Mother turning over in her grave? Is the Queen punching out stewards left and right? Is Helen Mirren drinking straight alcohol and having tons of sex? Maybe this is a good thing. Clarence House is close to Buckingham Palace, a closer eye can be kept on things.

Nothing good about Prince Harry lately. We expect something pretty scandalous to get him back in the news. We’re hoping for an engagement but we’re expecting something involving booze, strippers, and camera phones.

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